Don't Forget to Claim your FREE HRCI Credits for Just Being a CAI Member

Blog Post created by 1002028 on Jan 3, 2017

Today a member reminded me of a great new benefit CAI's offers for members...HRCI credit.   That's right, each HRCI certified professional at your company can earn up to 12 re-certification credits per three year renewal cycle, including three business credits, for just being a member of CAI.  The only requirement to receive these 12 hours of credit is that your organization was a CAI member during your re-certification period and you were employed during that entire time.  Partial credit at the rate of .25 credit hours per month can also be given. 


I attached the instructions to use when you are entering your HRCI re-certification information online.  If you have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to contact our HRCI concierge Nella Deaza at nella.deaza@hrci.org or call her direct at 571 551-6725.


If you need even more credit hours, you can now get credit for watching our pre-recorded webinars on myCAI.  For more information, read:  You Can Now Earn HRCI Credit for Watching Pre-Recorded Webinars on myCAI!   You'll find our compliance webinars here and our HR Strategy / Talent webinars here.