1 in 5 Workers Plans to Change Jobs in 2014

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Published Date: 01/27/2014


Reneé Watkins

By Reneé Watkins


As the US economy and job market continues to improve, more workers are taking a closer look at their individual levels of job satisfaction in order to decide whether it is time to seek out a more satisfying opportunity elsewhere. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, which examines a number of factors to determine job satisfaction, approximately 20 percent of employers are likely to change jobs this year. This is up from 17 percent during 2013.


Overall, 59 percent of those surveyed were actually satisfied in their current job, while 18 percent were completely dissatisfied. The top reasons for job dissatisfaction were compensation and not feeling valued by the company. Of those surveyed, who are currently dissatisfied with their current position:


  • 58% plan to change jobs in 2014
  • 45% are dissatisfied with their advancement options
  • 39% feel underutilized in their current role based on their abilities
  • 39% feel highly stressed in their current job
  • 37% do not feel their current supervisor is performing
  • 36% feel they have recently been overlooked for a promotion
  • 35% of workers surveyed have been with their current company for less than two (2) years
  • 28% of workers surveyed did not receive a pay increase in 2013


Of those who said they had no intention of leaving their job, here is what they said were the most important factors in their satisfaction:


  • 54% enjoy their co-workers
  • 50% feel satisfied with their current life/work blend
  • 49% are happy with their benefits
  • 43% feel they are adequately paid
  • 35% are still concerned about instability in the job market
  • 35% like their “short commute”
  • 32% like their current supervisor
  • 29% feel appropriately recognized and appreciated for their efforts


Employers should not overestimate the job satisfaction among their workforce. Even workers who seem very happy with their jobs may find the confidence to “test the waters” as the improving job market presents new opportunities. Make sure you have your finger on the pulse of job satisfaction within your ranks. Recognize your key employees and make sure they know how much you value their contribution. Do what you can to ensure they are not the one in five.


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