Important 2014 Numbers for NC Employers

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Published Date: 03/03/2014


Pat; Rountree

By Pat Rountree


Minimum wage: $7.25 NC and Federal


IRS mileage rate: (For additional information, see


  • 56 cents/mile for business use of personal vehicle
  • 23.5 cents/mile for medical or moving expense
  • 14 cents/mile for miles driven for service for charitable organizations


FUTA taxable wage base (NC): $21,400


Social Security Taxable wage base: $117,000. (For additional information, see


NC unemployment maximum weekly benefit: $350.00


Workers’ compensation benefit: $912.00 (66-2/3 of average weekly wage with maximum weekly benefit. For additional information, see – Rates and duration of compensation for total incapacity.)


Deferral limit for traditional 401K plans: $17,500


For limits on other plan types and Catch-Up Contributions for Over Age 50, see