Youth Employment - Hazardous Occupations: Motor Vehicles

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Published Date: 03/24/2014


George; Ports

By George Ports


CAI recently published an article, Federal and State Laws Regulating Youth Employment, concerning summer employment opportunities for high school students. The article referenced Hazardous Occupations declared by the US Department of Labor and Detrimental Occupations declared by the NC Department of Labor for youth under the ages of 18 and 16. One of the Hazardous Occupations (HO) identified for youth under the age of 18 is HO 2: Driving a motor vehicle or work as an outside helper on motor vehicles. This restriction bans operating motor vehicles on public roads and working as outside helpers on motor vehicles. Seventeen-year-olds, however, may drive cars or small trucks during daylight hours for limited times and under strictly limited circumstances.


This restriction occasionally prompts questions regarding grass cutting jobs, “Are youths of at least 16 years of age allowed to operate riding lawn mowers?” CAI sources from BOTH Departments of Labor have verified that 16-year-olds are allowed to operate riding lawn mowers as long as they do not get out on public roads.


For more detailed information regarding restrictions on youth employment, go to