Check Out These Salary Trends and Participate in 2014 NC Wage & Salary Survey

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Published Date: 05/05/2014


CAI Surveys provide the reliable, current and local data that members have come to rely on. We are proactive in providing you best practices and user-friendly methodology. We are pleased to announce that this year’s NC (formerly CAI) Wage & Salary Survey is now open for participation through Friday, May 23rd. Survey invitations were emailed to designated survey contacts on April 30th.


Member inquiries regarding compensation are popular and range anywhere from “What are employers giving for salary increases?” to “What pattern are you seeing with this particular position?” Last year’s survey hit a record participation rate and member participants received a wealth of information including a look at five year salary trends for all jobs offered in the survey.


For example, did you know that several core positions in the Wage & Salary Survey have either seen a steady salary increase OR flat/declining salary since 2009? The table below spotlights both sets providing the weighted average for select positions as reported in corresponding years of the Wage & Salary Survey. Note that each survey year represents a unique sample, although retention of prior year participants continues to be greater than 60 percent. Sample size per individual job also varies year over year. Greater confidence lies with larger sample sizes and marked alignment across descriptive measures.


CAI (NC) Wage & Salary Survey
Job Title
Wtd Avg Base Pay 2009Wtd Avg Base Pay 2010Wtd Avg Base Pay 2011Wtd Avg Base Pay 2012Wtd Avg Base Pay 20132009 to 2013
% Change
Jobs with Rising Salaries
Financial/Business/Budget Analyst$56,755$58,617$60,078$61,163$61,1747.8%
Accounts Payable Clerk$33,115$33,714$34,206$35,666$36,0098.7%
Facilities Supervisor, Level 1 (Single location)$53,243$53,569$55,742$58,113$60,04612.8%
Technical/Professional Recruiter$51,251$53,158$53,320$57,461$57,72712.6%
Training Specialist, Level 2$52,029$55,042$56,305$57,767$59,03813.5%
Information Technology Supervisor$77,023$82,499$82,759$84,972$87,09713.1%
Applications Programmer, Level 2$69,004$73,153$76,976$78,766$81,26217.8%
Mail Clerk$26,113$26,888$27,355$28,358$28,88710.6%
Jobs with Flat/Declining Salaries
Accountant, Level 1$45,387$45,306$45,684$45,251$45,164-0.5%
Accountant, Level 2$51,825$51,772$52,420$51,439$51,747-0.2%
Human Resources Manager$71,150$70,976$72,398$71,744$70,482-0.9%
Customer Service Manager$69,264$69,040$68,950$66,566$67,241-2.9%
Customer Service Rep, Level 1 (Entry level)$29,862$29,999$29,236$29,216$30,4081.8%
Marketing Manager$80,519$79,905$80,483$80,969$81,3871.1%
Administrative Assistant, Level 1$34,516$34,407$32,309$33,384$34,053-1.3%
Administrative Assistant, Level 2$37,252$37,849$36,951$37,642$36,050-3.2%


Do you want to see more? Perhaps your industry-specific jobs? Participate in this year’s survey to ensure access to full results including salary trends and 2014-specific compensation data plus much more. There is no charge to participate and no reporting charge. Your participation including thorough job matching is the only price to pay to ensure access to this valuable resource.


Not sure if your organization has a survey contact designated to receive survey communications? Please contact the CAI Survey Team at today.