Getting Ready for Summer Employees

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Published Date: 05/27/2014


Reneé Watkins

By Reneé Watkins


With summer approaching, employers and students are turning their thoughts toward summer employment. These opportunities, where applicable, are of benefit to both the employer and the student.


Employers may use summer help to fill in for vacationing year-round employees, increase productivity in a seasonal business or to identify future members of their year-round workforce. Summer workers gain valuable job experience and skills in prioritizing, communicating and collaboration in a team environment.


To ensure a positive experience, employers should give special consideration to preparing for summer employees. It is important to remember that this may be a student’s very first work experience. They may need guidance and expectations set with regard to professional conduct, the importance of punctuality and the benefits of safety and teamwork.


It can be a big help to both parties if you pair your summer employee with a seasoned employee as a mentor to assist them with any training or administrative needs they may have. Be very clear with policies regarding professional attire expectations, citing both positive and negative examples of what is and is not permitted at work.


Safety training is absolutely essential, particularly if your summer employee has never worked around machinery. To avoid any discrimination or harassment issues, it is important to be clear with your summer employee on exactly what is appropriate and inappropriate regarding conversation and conduct, including social media, texting and video.


These tips are likely already in place for any new hire orientation within your organization. However, with summer employees it may take a little extra time and effort but it will make the experience more rewarding for you and for the employee.


If you have questions about summer employees, please contact a member of CAI's Advice & Resolution Team at 919‑878‑9222 or 336‑668‑7746.