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Published Date: 06/16/2014


George; Ports

By George Ports


The Employers Coalition of North Carolina (ECNC) was created to give the business community a more focused avenue of public policy input concerning day to day employer-employee workplace issues. ECNC is a partnership of three North Carolina employers’ associations: CAI (Capital Associated Industries), TEA (The Employers Association) and WCI (Western Carolina Industries) and their 2,500 members.


The 2014 Session of the North Carolina General Assembly convened on Wednesday, May 14th at Noon. Traditionally, sessions on “even numbered” years are called the “Short Session” because it was designed as a time to tie up any loose ends (bills that made crossover but did not pass) or budget details not covered during the Long Session the year prior. Legislative leaders have said they hope to wrap up this year’s session by July 4.


Two of the bills that made crossover (passed one legislative body and crossed over to the other) and are eligible for consideration during this session are House Bill 846 and House Bill 872. Brief descriptions of each are as follows:


  • House Bill 846: Job and Education Privacy Act—Would prohibit employers and colleges from requiring individuals to disclose access information to personal social media and e-mail accounts (Passed the House on May 16, 2013 and is in the Senate).
  • House Bill 872: Protect NC Right-To-Work—Declares it an unfair trade practice for any contract to require a contractor or a sub-contractor to use unionized labor. Contracts involving federal funds would be exempt (Passed the House on May 2, 2013 and is in the Senate).


A bill of considerable interest regarding unemployment has been introduced to amend existing unemployment laws, some of which were passed in the 2013 Session – House Bill 1069: An Act To Amend The Unemployment Insurance Laws, As Recommended by The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee On Unemployment Insurance. Highlights of this legislation are as follows:


  • Treating appeals decisions as confidential information making them exempt from NC’s public disclosure laws.
  • Authorizing the NC Division of Motor Vehicles to disclose social security numbers to the Division of Employment Security (DES).
  • Revising claimant work search requirements from seeking work on at least two different days during the week and making at least two job contacts to making at least five job contacts during the week.
  • Provisions allowing the DES to garnish an employer’s credit card receipts to collect unpaid unemployment taxes.
  • Change the duration of unemployment benefits from a Minimum and Maximum to a set number based upon the Maximum duration established by the 2013 legislation.
  • Require claimants to present a photo ID to receive unemployment benefits.


To read House Bill 1069, go to


CAI/ECNC will keep you up to date as the “Short Session” moves along. If you have questions about any of these bills, call George Ports, Senior Executive for Government Relations at 919‑713‑5267 or email him at