NCDOL Releases Annual Report

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Published Date: 06/23/2014


George; Ports

By George Ports


The North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) has released its 2013 Annual Report, including a statistical analysis of the activities for each of the various Bureaus within the agency. The statistical analyses for the Employment Discrimination Bureau and the Wage and Hour Bureau are as follows:


Employment Discrimination Bureau


This Bureau enforces the Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA).


  • Reached a settlement between the complainant and employer in 19.2 percent of cases.
  • 59.6 percent of complaints were based on workers’ compensation claims, 23.6 percent were based on wage and hour concerns, and 16.2 percent were based on safety and health concerns, with less than one percent on other concerns.
  • 537 complaints were received, and 563 investigations were completed, reducing the bureau’s backlog of open cases.


Wage and Hour Bureau


This Bureau administers and enforces the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act and the North Carolina Controlled Substance Regulation Act.


  • Recovered nearly $1.8 million in wages due for 2,170 workers, a 73 percent recoupment rate voluntarily paid by employers.
  • Opened 4,357 investigations and closed 4,243 investigations, an average of 236 per investigator.
  • Completed 99 youth employment investigations.
  • Issued 53,130 youth employment certificates.
  • Youth employment certificates issued through YEC Auto reached 79.9 percent.
  • Answered 99.8 percent of 65,408 calls received on the first attempt.


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