Recording Restricted Activity on the OSHA 300

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Published Date: 06/30/2014


George; Ports

By George Ports


If a physician recommends a work restriction due to occupational injury or illness, employers are required to record such on the OSHA 300 if the restriction affects one or more of an employee’s routine job functions. Recommended restrictions that keep an employee from working a full workday that the employee would have normally worked should also be recorded.


You count the days of restricted activity (including job transfer) the same as you record days away from work including weekends and holidays. The only difference here is that if you permanently assign the injured or ill employee to a job that has been modified or accommodates the employee restrictions, you may stop the day count when the transfer is made permanent. You must however, count at least one day of restricted work or job transfer for such cases.


Work restrictions that do not affect any of an employee’s routine job functions or do not prevent an employee from working a normal workday need not be recorded. For more information about OSHA recordkeeping requirements, go to