New CAI Staff Member: Mecca Bey, Community Manager

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Published Date: 07/14/2014


Mecca; Bey

CAI is excited to introduce Mecca Bey as our new online Community Manager. Mecca’s primary job will be to grow and manage CAI’s online member peer-to-peer community. This new online community, scheduled to launch this fall, will bring thousands of local professionals together in small online groups to connect, build deeper professional relationships and share relevant content that they value with people they trust. These communities will be built around interests, topics, industries, roles and more. Look for much more information about our new online community in the coming months.


CAI’s Doug Blizzard, Vice President of Membership, noted “The answer to almost any question, issue or opportunity that a CAI member faces lives somewhere within our CAI membership of nearly 1,100 organizations and many thousands of professionals, managers and executives. Our members face an increasingly complex and competitive business landscape. They need quick access to trusted and relevant solutions they can implement. Where better to find that than from peers they know and trust who have already solved their current issue? Our new online community portal that Mecca will build and manage, using the latest in online collaboration technology, is an important first step in linking our members together in a unique and meaningful way.”


Commenting on joining the CAI family, Bey noted “I’m excited about the opportunity to join an organization like CAI that has been a trusted resource partner for most NC employers for more than 50 years. I look forward to bringing our members together to collaborate online in a way that is fun, engaging, user centered and relevant, that ultimately helps our members develop and maintain better workplaces.”


Mecca brings 15 years of diverse experience in internet and social media, community development and management, website development and marketing. She excels at bringing people together to collaborate online. Her strength lies in getting to know members/users and then creating communities around them that are most relevant to them. She brings a wealth of creative ideas to engage our members. Mecca is also extremely passionate around the subject of virtual learning and was featured twice on the nationally-syndicated Michael Eric Dyson Show speaking on telecommuting, virtual offices and the benefits of collaboration in a cloud-based or virtual environment. Other guests of that show included Oprah Winfrey.


Mecca received her Bachelor of Arts in Diplomatic History from the University of Pennsylvania and her MBA in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. On a personal note Mecca speaks several languages. She presently resides with her family in Pennsylvania and will be relocating to NC in the next few months.


All CAI members will have free access to our new online community. Mecca will be looking for volunteers to test our system in the coming weeks so please reach out to her if you’re interested in that endeavor. You can reach Mecca at 919‑431‑6094 or


Welcome Mecca!