Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs Paying Off

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Published Date: 08/18/2014


Reneé Watkins

By Reneé Watkins


A recent survey conducted by Buck Consultants reveals employers, over the last several years, have increased their investment in employee wellness programs. The survey involved 1,041 respondents in 37 countries and shows 78 percent of those employers continue to be strongly committed to employee wellness.


Survey results showed the following statistics since 2009:


Employers Promoting Wellness34%54%49%56%
Employers Measuring Participation22%37%36%52%
Employers Offering Healthcare Premium Deductionsn/a29%24%52%


Several years ago, when employers first rallied behind employee wellness, it was largely an effort to lower healthcare benefit premiums for the organization as a way to control costs. A healthier employee base could lead to a benefit plan renewal with lower premiums across the group.


Over the last few years, however, employers have begun to realize employee wellness is directly tied to employee value and productivity. Healthy employees mean less absenteeism due to illness, increased output due to more energy and better morale. The net result is that these programs to promote employee wellness tend to pay for themselves through the overall savings in healthcare premiums and the increased output generated by healthy and happy employees.


Other perks being offered to employees include flexible work schedules, paid memberships to fitness clubs and nutrition counseling.