North Carolina Trade Secrets Protection Act

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Published Date: 08/25/2014


John; Gupton

By John Gupton


North Carolina has a law, the North Carolina Trade Secrets Protection Act, which states that no person may misappropriate a trade secret. The Act defines trade secrets as business or technical information that derives value from not being generally known or reverse engineered and is subject to efforts to maintain its secrecy. However, it is still recommended that you have a policy and an agreement specifying what information should remain confidential since you will most likely have confidential information that falls outside the protections of the Act.


Both the policy and the Agreement should clearly identify the categories of confidential information and the proper handling of it. There may be a need for employees to take information out of the office at times to work on projects. There may also be a need at times to share that information with third parties in conducting company business. You should take these issues and others into consideration when drafting your confidentiality documents.


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