OSHA Logs and Doctor Releases

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Published Date: 09/15/2014


George; Ports

By George Ports


On occasion employees who have been injured on the job attempt to return to work against the advice of the attending physician. While this work ethic may be admirable, it is not recommended that the employee be permitted to work prior to the attending physician’s date of release (practices of this nature can cause aggravation of existing conditions and/or injuries often more serious than the original injury resulting in additional time away from work and increased workers’ compensation costs). If the employee were permitted to work under these circumstances, the employer would still be required to record the days away from work until the date of release authorized by the attending physician.


Conversely, if an employee has been released to return to work by the attending physician and the employee remains out, the employer does not have to record the days away from work on the date of said release.


For additional information regarding OSHA recordkeeping requirements, go to http://j.mp/RR-II.