Workplace Friendships Lead to Trust and Loyalty

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Published Date: 10/20/2014


Reneé Watkins

By Reneé Watkins


Friendships formed in the workplace can lead to stronger employee loyalty and longer employee retention, according to a study conducted by The Workforce Mood Tracker survey is conducted twice each year and includes more than 700 randomly sampled workers from companies with 500 or more employees.


According to the study, employees who form friendships at work trust their co-workers twice as much as their corporate leadership. Most full-time employees tend to spend more time with their co-workers than with their own family, simply due to the number of hours spent at work versus the number of hours spent at home.


Such strong and influential relationships cannot and should not be taken for granted by employers. Employers should encourage friendships to form within the ranks of their workforce. Strong bonds between co-workers can serve to discourage an employee from leaving their employment in search of a new opportunity.


Other interesting survey results are as follows:


  • 18% surveyed have more than 25 friends through work
  • 33% surveyed have fewer than five friends through work
  • 87% surveyed trust their co-workers more than their corporate leadership
  • 75% surveyed have laughed so hard with their co-workers, it has brought them to tears
  • 66% surveyed have leaned on a co-worker when going through personal issues
  • 71% surveyed with friends at the company say they love working for their employer
  • 79% surveyed with no friends at work say they would accept another job offer


A strong argument can be made with this data that companies would do well to foster a corporate culture that encourages friendship and social interaction among employees. Such friendships can serve to strengthen both corporate loyalty and employee retention. If you have questions about how to establish that type of culture in your organization, please call CAI's Advice & Resolution Team at 919‑878‑9222 or 336‑668‑7746.