2014 NC Wage & Salary Survey Results Available

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Published Date: 10/13/2014


By Sherry Hubbard-Bednasz


On August 30th CAI released the results of the 2014 NC Wage & Salary Survey. The 2014 survey was conducted in April and May and attracted more than 670 unique organizations providing a 29 percent increase over last year’s response. A record participation year, 2014 marked the first statewide effort with co-sponsorship from The Employers Association (TEA) based in Charlotte. We want to extend a thank you to those members who participated this year and those who regularly participate thereby enhancing the value of the survey. We highly encourage all members to take part in the NC Wage & Salary Survey – the most reliable source of local salary data available – thus utilizing one of the many benefits of their membership.


The results of this year’s survey are based on the most robust data set to date. Many jobs offered in the survey have significantly increased in terms of employer participation. With greater coverage comes greater confidence in the results, or a truer sense of what is happening in the market. Enhancements introduced in last year’s report are provided this year, including a brief but thorough Executive Summary providing survey highlights and trend data. Also included is the collection of weighted average salaries for those jobs in the survey that were not updated for 2014 over the last five years, plus bonus data for the last three years. Percent changes are provided for 2013 to 2014 and 2010 to 2014.


Our most common member inquiry is: What are NC employers giving for salary increases? And what types of increases are they giving? Reported increases remain flat, with an average increase of 2.6% (including 0%) and 3.2% (excluding 0%) across all employees for 2014 and a projected increase of 2.5% (including 0%) and 3.1% (excluding 0%) for 2015. About 15 to 17 percent of facilities reported giving no increase (0%). See the table below for average increases by actual 2014/projected 2015 and employee category.


EE Category2014 Avg % Inc
(incl 0%)
2014 Avg % Inc
(excl 0%)
2015 Avg % Inc
(incl 0%)
2015 Avg % Inc
(excl 0%)
Nonexempt Hourly2.5%2.9%2.4%2.9%
Nonexempt Salaried2.5%2.9%2.4%3.0%
Exempt Salaried2.7%3.1%2.6%3.1%


For 2014, most employers reported giving performance-based merit increases, but 16 to 26% percent also reported other types of increases. (Employers were allowed to give multiple responses.)


Type of Increase% of Employers Who Provide
Performance-based merit increase85%
General increase26%
“Cost of living/labor” increase16%
Step increase19%


This year’s report is also available for purchase. Please see our Online Store for more information. For questions about the NC Wage & Salary Survey or to inquire about your participation status/receipt of report, please contact the CAI Survey Team at cai-survey-team@capital.org. Participants were emailed on August 30th regarding release of the report. Participants should have also seen communications regarding Member User CODA, an on-demand analysis tool only available to member participants!