Saying "Thank You" May Be the Best Engagement and Retention Strategy

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Somewhere in every employee survey is a question regarding the things most important to the employee with respect to job satisfaction. Compensation is typically at the top of the list.  Other common priorities are upward mobility, vacation and flexible work schedules.  A new survey of 450 adult, full-time employees conducted by LinkedIn shows another priority gaining ground in importance among employees.


More and more, employees are seeking signs of genuine appreciation for their work effort.  Granted, compensation increases and promotions are signs of appreciation but they are somewhat expected as a result of a job well done.  What employees are looking for is a verbal recognition or something as simple as a handshake from their manager to signify that someone is paying attention to their daily commitment to their job.


The results of the LinkedIn survey found that if their manager genuinely expresses an appreciation of their success:


  • 58% are more likely to have a better attitude at work
  • 45% are more motivated to do a better job
  • 32% are more motivated to remain with company longer


In addition, workers were surveyed regarding their feelings about managers who do not recognize their individual successes at work:


  • 33% said they have resigned from a position due to lack of recognition
  • 37% of workers under 40 years old have quit due to lack of appreciation


A work environment where an organization must do more with less can sometimes overlook the individual contributions of those who continue to bring their A-game every day.  However, it is important to remember these are the very employees who are shouldering that load and continuing to produce above and beyond in spite of doing more with less. 


Do not wait until the completion of a large project or until you have time in your busy schedule to reach out to this group of individuals and thank them for their service.  A simple gesture or “Thank You” can go a long way toward employee retention and productivity.