Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

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Social media is quickly becoming a major recruiting tool.  Soon after platforms such as Facebook and Twitter became popular social conventions, corporate entities began to leverage their popularity to market goods and services and to grow their sales.  Now, in addition to sales and marketing, these same corporate entities are embracing the power of social media for recruiting top talent for their organizations.  Here are a few ways in which social media can help you with your recruiting efforts.


Corporate Branding - Using social media to reinforce your employer brand is a great way to attract potential employees to your company.  Younger candidates are often more concerned with a company’s corporate values with respect to the environment and charitable giving than with the size of their paycheck.  As candidates begin to follow organizations they are interested in, others within their network will view your site as well.


Current Information - Social media sites are typically easier to update than traditional corporate websites.  Posts made by HR and even current employees will keep your site fresh and current.


A Wider Net - Facebook and Twitter are world wide and easily translated into multiple languages. Traditional websites are more difficult to make “all things to all people.”  The deliberate and orchestrated use of social media will increase your recruiting pool around the world.


Referrals - Leverage the individual networks within social media to gain candidate referrals.  Everyone knows someone, and chances are someone will see your company’s site and refer a person in their network to an opening in your organization.  The speed at which word spreads among social medial networks is staggering.


Personal Connection - Regardless of the reason or intent, any connection within a social media network is considered “personal.”  When you reach out to a potential candidate via Facebook or Twitter, their perception is a very “personal” touch.  When done well, this will quickly lead to a feeling of trust and you find yourself several steps ahead of your competition in developing a rapport with the candidate.


Passive Applicants - Sometimes the best opportunities come along when we are not looking for them.  Social media will reach applicants who may not presently be looking for an opportunity, but will entertain one if it should present itself.


Many companies already use social media to reach new customers.  Forward-thinking organizations are also exploring the power of social media as a recruiting tool. Work with the marketing and sales professionals at your organization to create a recruiting area within your existing social media sites.  Begin growing your network now in order to reap the benefits later.


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