Another Problem with Monday

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It’s Monday! Some people place a negative connotation on the first day of the week. Monday can be the most dreaded day of the week as it symbolizes the end of the coveted weekend and the beginning of the five-day trek until the next weekend comes along. 


Now, there is another reason to not like Monday. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Monday is the worst day of the week for nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses.  Over the last seven years, Monday has been the most injury-prone day of the week in all but two years.  Even in those two years, the margin was very close.



It can be argued these numbers are skewed as more people are likely to work on a Monday than any other day of the week.  However, Monday is also the day on which several holidays are observed and the day most likely taken by employees to extend their weekend.  Considering this, the numbers could be quite accurate.


Either way, this trend and these numbers would suggest that Monday is a good day to reflect on safety in the workplace.  Here are a few thoughts on how to start the week safety-focused:

  • Schedule safety training for new and existing employees on a Monday
  • Send out an email on Monday wishing everyone a “safe and productive” week
  • Conduct tests of safety procedures, like a fire drill, on a Monday


Reminding everyone of the importance of safety on a daily basis can reverse this trend, as well as lower the number of workplace injuries and illnesses overall.  Monday is already a dread for some.   Let’s work safely to make it a better day.