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Executive compensation data is increasingly becoming harder to find. That, and the fact that even with participation, a user must often pay an administrative or processing fee to receive the results. CAI co-sponsors the National Executive Compensation Survey conducted annually by the Employer Associations of America (EAA), which offers both a national and local data perspective.  Over 2,000 organizations from across the country participate in this survey each year and we are approaching 200 companies from NC. 


sherry for newes.jpgThe 2015 National Executive Compensation Survey is open for participation through February 20th.   We encourage all members to think about their executive compensation resources. Do you have a reliable survey source? Is it comprehensive enough in terms of job selection and salary-bonus-total compensation-perquisite measures provided? Even if you have a source, we always recommend having at least three sources given the complexity of executive compensation. Don't miss this opportunity to add to your arsenal.


What type of data is offered? Nearly 50 executive and high level positions are included in this survey.  Major job families include General Executive, Finance, HR, Engineering & Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, International, and Not-for-Profit.  Note that many employers will only have a subset of these executive positions.  Make comparable, quality matches as applicable to your organization. Even a few matches count. Take a moment to view the job descriptions and all survey questions electronically by going to


To participate, a unique survey link is required. Simply contact the CAI Survey Team to inquire about your organization's participation status and/or receive your unique link usable only by you/your email address. Send an email to or contact Sherry or Lauren at 919.878.9222.