Snow Day Activities!

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From the Lincoln Public Schools page.....


Top 10 Best Ways to Spend a Snow Day

On the off chance that we might see a snow day, I thought it might be fun to mention some of the best ways to spend a snow day. (Many of these are for families, though if you live in a kid-free household, just enjoy every minute of serenity!)

Hit the library today for the kids and/or for us.

Stockpiling books or periodicals? It’s a great chance to snuggle up and enjoy. By the way, cookbooks count too!

Menu plan-a-palooza? When frantically stockpiling milk, eggs, bread and batteries; pick up some fruits and veggies. A surprise day at home is a great day to do some prep to support healthy meals for the next few days.

Dust off fun family board games.Show the kiddos our fresh skills at old family favorites.

Take some fun, silly family pictures to remember the day or look at old albums together.

If we still have power, it’s time to put the kids to shame in some Just Dance active gaming.

Throw together a nice pot of soup in the crock pot. Chili sounds great, doesn’t it?

It’s a great day to stoke up the fireplace and cozy around it telling silly family stories. Once the storm dies down; have fun making a snow family. Include the dog, cat, chicken, fish…

Dream the impossible dream—empty laundry basket with clothes folded AND put away?

Take a great bath or nap, do some yoga, build a fort out of couch cushions, whatever brings joy to life.