Controlling Your Email Volume from myCAI

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doug for news.jpgAre you getting too many emails from myCAI?  Not receiving any emails at all from myCAI?  With the myCAI platform you are totally in control of how, when and what the system communicates with you.  That's the great news.  What it does mean, though, is that you have to tell the myCAI system how, when and what you want to receive.  Fortunately doing so is very easy within myCAI!


Before showing you how, it's important that you grasp the concept of "following."  Once you set up your preferences as I show you below, the primary way you then tell myCAI how to communicate with you is by choosing WHAT you want to follow and WHERE you want to follow it.  You'll notice that in the myCAI platform almost every single page gives you the option to follow it (you'll see the words "follow" in the upper right corner).   You can follow people, discussions, groups, content, the myCAI forum, etc.  The very first time you log in to myCAI you aren't set to follow anything.  When you decide to follow something or someone by pressing the follow button you'll then see two options - the connection stream or the inbox.  If you want to receive an email through your regular email system whenever something changes on that place then check "inbox."  If on the other hand you just want to follow the page in your connection stream press that option.  The "connection stream" is similar to the main stream you see in other social applications like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.  It's just an ongoing stream of messages from the people and places you're following.  Here's a quick tip: you can also set up several custom connection streams as well if you want to target a few people or places you want to follow.  Go to your inbox to set up those streams.  I'll cover that in a future article.


One more diversion if I may.   What types of things might you want to follow in your inbox?


  • Your small groups.  These are people you know and care about and should want to get notified immediately when they need your help (and vice versa).
  • Discussions that you start on myCAI.
  • Important discussions you participate in or care about.  Note, whenever you reply to a discussion on myCAI, the system automatically sets you to following that discussion in your inbox.  Why?  Because myCAI assumes you are now participating in the discussion.  If you don't want to get those emails then just simply deselect "inbox" under the "follow" section for that discussion.
  • CAI content on the site that you care about and want to be updated immediately when it changes.  Maybe the poster section, or a desk manual topic, etc.
  • Important note, I would not advise following the big myCAI forum in your inbox, unless you want to get an email when anyone posts a reply on our large forum.  That would be quite irritating.


While there are many ways to set up your email notification preferences, I'm going to walk you through the way I advise members to do it.  If you set up your preferences as I describe below then the system will only email you about things you've decided to follow in your inbox.


How to set up your email notifications

  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner of myCAI.  Then chose "Preferences."
  2. Set the following preferences:

          a.    Receive email to "Yes."

          b.    All inbox settings to "On."

          c.    Moderation to "Off."

          d.    Connection stream to "Off."

          e.    Community Digest to "Never."  We actually send out our own digest to members on Tuesday and Friday each week.

          f.     Scroll down and PRESS SAVE. 


These settings mean that any space, person, group or content you follow in your “inbox” will go to your email, and anything you follow in your connection stream will stay in your myCAI connection stream. 


I hope these tips help you better enjoy the many benefits of myCAI.  Send me a message if you have any questions or comments.  Doug Blizzard