The Top 5 Reasons Your Employees Tell Us They Come To Work

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seanwalsh.jpgMeasuring employee attitudes through an Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) is one of the tried-and-true methods of HR. And like all tried-and-true methods, there’s a reason it’s so popular!


By administering an EOS, each employee is confidentially empowered to detail what they like most (and what they like least) about working for their current employer. This not only allows HR Managers to enhance the performance of your company but also allows you to leverage your strengths and identify opportunities for improvement.


In 2014, over 3000 employees completed CAI's employee opinion survey.... and the results are in!


Here are the top 5 things that employees enjoyed most about their current employers in 2014. 


5) Benefits - Coming in at the fifth most mentioned topic is Benefits. Many employees over the past year mentioned that they enjoyed their total benefit package provided by their employer. Some employees went even further to describe particular parts of their benefit package they enjoy the most, such as the retirement or health plans.


4) Management - Securing its spot in fourth place is Management. When mentioning this topic, employees have stated everything from liking the management team as a whole to singling out a particular member of the management team that they enjoy working with the best.


3) Schedule / Hours - In a very tight race between second and third, the Schedule / Hours topic fell just short of second place, but did land a spot on the winner's podium for third. The fact that employees just love the hours they work, or that the schedule is very flexible make up a majority of the responses in this topic.


2) Job Responsibilities / My Work - The topic that just barely edged out Schedule / Hours for second place, belongs to none other than Job Responsibilities / My Work. It is very encouraging to see this topic secure such a high rating as it shows that employees are completing tasks and responsibilities in areas that they enjoy doing. This in turn can positively affect employee morale and attitudes in the workplace.


Drum roll please.....The number one topic that employees enjoy most about working for their current employer is:


1) Fellow Employees / Enjoy the People – In 2014 employees listed their coworkers as their number one favorite thing about their current job. These are the people that employees see and work with each and every day, the same people that make the organization such an inviting and enjoyable place to be. Over the course of the past year, many employees responded stating that their coworkers are a vital piece of why they enjoy coming to work each day.


For more information about administering Employee Opinion Surveys, please visit our website or feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have at (919) 713-5250 or



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