5 Reasons to Commit to This Year’s NC Wage & Salary Survey

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sherry for newes.jpgAre you unfamiliar with the NC Wage & Salary Survey? Considered one of our Core Four surveys, the NC Wage & Salary Survey generates the greatest member interest and is accessed by more than 40% of our total membership annually. As the manager of CAI’s survey offerings, I am tasked with growing this survey’s reach and value – a job I take very seriously! I want to take a moment to tell you why this survey should be on your radar.


Why should you commit to participating in the 2015 survey opening on April 14th?


1. FREE. We are often asked: What is the cost to participate in the NC Wage & Salary Survey? Unlike other survey houses, we do not charge a pre-participation fee. As members, we value your time and data submission. Charging a fee would impede our objective. In addition, member participants receive the full report and job data in Excel free of charge. Many survey houses require some form of processing or administrative fee just for you to receive the results you need.


2. THREE. Unless you already have 3 – yes 3 – local, reliable and accurate resources, then you need the NC Wage & Salary Survey to keep on top of market trends in compensation. Members often inquire about what a particular position should be paid. “What is the number?” This is a loaded question and it requires triangulation: several resources to arrive at a market representative range. Make us 1 of your 3 drawing a similar conclusion, and your confidence.


3. STATEWIDE. This year is very exciting due to the planned co-sponsorship by 2 sister associations: The Employers Association (TEA) with members in the greater Charlotte area, and Western Carolina Industries (WCI) with members in the greater Asheville area. This corner to corner representation is a survey first and we look forward to the robust data set that we can offer you. Plus, don’t forget the positive exploratory effect this will have on Member User CODA!


4. RELIABLE. Guess what folks, we’ve done the research. We know what’s out there locally – for fee AND for free. Let’s be honest, as with anything, there is the good, the bad and the confusing when it comes to available survey data. And we are transparent regarding other resources available, as can be seen on our CAI Surveys Groups on myCAI. (Psst, join the group today so you can stay on top of CAI’s survey research!) Point is, we offer a reliable, usable source to members who give data to get data.


5. SELECTION. With over 400 jobs offered, there is something for nearly everyone. We don’t accommodate every industry, and in some cases the numbers game doesn’t let us, but the NC Wage & Salary Survey has an impressive set of jobs common to most NC employers which is sure to provide you a partial market perspective. Niche industry data is hard to find, but don’t make your common/corporate jobs hard, too.


The 2015 NC Wage & Salary Survey is scheduled to open April 14th. Survey results are expected to be released in early August. More details coming soon to designated survey contacts. Not sure if your organization has a survey contact? Not sure if we have YOUR contact information? Contact the CAI Survey Team today at cai-survey-team@capital.org.


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