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doug for news.jpgCan you imagine being an HR professional in 1960?  There were only two employment laws to worry about, the EEOC wasn't around, the internet didn't exist, there was no or and the only social media was found on billboards and TV commercials.  Let your mind go there for awhile.    A world without FMLA, ADA, EEOC, ADEA, OFCCP, FCRA, COBRA, HIPAA, WARN, ACA, and all of the 50 other acronyms we're accustomed to.  Sounds like a much simpler place right?  Of course in 1960 you also didn't have Google, Netflix, Facebook, Microsoft Office, cable TV or cell phones.  OMG, many of us can't even imagine such a meager existence.  Or maybe you were thinking WTF (Wow That's Fantastic)!



Regardless of your perspective, no one can argue the dramatic changes in business and the workplace since 1960.  Amplified by technology and aggravated by economic conditions, businesses today are forced to adapt, be more efficient, receptive, nimble, and innovative in order to compete and in many cases survive.  Long held maxims on how, when, where, and by whom work is done are rapidly and radically changing.  And many HR professionals are right at the center of these radical workplace changes. And while we now have more information at our fingertips than our 1960 counterparts, accessing the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time that is RELEVANT to our circumstance has arguably been much harder.   Until Now!


That's where myCAI comes to your rescue, if you'll only ask the question.  Think about it. I would venture that virtually 100% of the issues and opportunities you now face or will face in your business have been solved already by at least one of the seven thousand HR and business professionals in the CAI membership.  All you have to do is go to myCAI and ask the question.  You can ask a question to the broad community of CAI members or you can ask your question to a smaller niche group of professionals.  You can search the directory and find one or two professionals to network with directly and privately.  You can start your own private group to share information and experiences or join an existing private group.   And unlike virtually all other online communities you won't find any vendors, sales people, consultants, students, or job seekers on myCAI.  myCAI is a locked down private community for CAI MEMBERS ONLY.  You won't find a bunch of games and gimmicks, just real people helping each other on real issues.


We've experienced rapid growth on myCAI since launching four months ago growing from 800 users to over 2,100 users.  However that still leaves around 5,000 professionals in the CAI membership that aren't using myCAI.  What's holding you back?  myCAI is free, private, customizeable to your needs, and once you login you don't have to login for another year.   And BTW, all of CAI's content is on myCAI giving you quick access to content and conversations when you search. 


START TODAY, you have nothing to lose and much to gain! 


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