College Students Reset Their Priorities for Job Searches

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renee for news.jpgIn a recent study conducted by Adecco Staffing, 70% of the 1,000 college students surveyed reported they would rather have a less exciting job with a reasonable level of job security than a job they were passionate about with little to no job security.


This is a definite 180° turnaround from the same demographic prior to the recession and the recession is credited with this change in priorities.  Today’s college students have witnessed first-hand the employment uncertainty from the recent recession and many have seen their own parents lose their jobs and have a difficult time obtaining a new job in a floundering economy.


Primarily for these reasons, college students today are far more concerned with finding a stable job than with the work environment. Thirty-one percent (31%) of those surveyed indicated their greatest aspiration was to be financially stable within the next 10 years.  Only 28% of those surveyed said their top objective was to find their “dream job” within the next 10 years. 


This data shows students are making more mature decisions by focusing their job searches on careers with long-term futures rather than looking for jobs that offer exciting opportunities.  Thirty-six percent (36%) of those surveyed reported career growth as the most important characteristic for their first professional jobs.  Only 10% of the surveyed college students placed a high priority on a friendly work environment and just 7% indicated having a flexible work schedule was an important factor.


Another positive sign with regards to today’s pool of candidates points to college students doing their “homework” when it comes to understanding what employers are looking for in new hires.  Nearly 60% of those surveyed said it is more important to highlight their softer skills like attitude and work ethic during a job interview than to focus on their technical skills and abilities.


When looking for any kind of “silver lining” in relationship to the recent years of economic upheaval and the recession that followed, this is one worth noting. Having witnessed and felt the effects of uncertainty within the job market as experienced by so many of their parents and other family members, today’s college students are resetting their priorities to make certain their financial stability and job security is assured.


For a look at the complete survey,




This report presents the findings of an online survey conducted among 1,001 U.S. students that are currently in college, or recently graduated within the last few months aged 18-24. 


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