Top 5 Reasons Your Employees Tell Us They are Unhappy

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Many employers go out of their way to satisfy their employees, but there's always someone or something that needs more attention. Each year CAI conducts employee opinion surveys with thousands of participants that help companies uncover the real issues in their workplaces.  Recently we wrote a very popular article covering the Top 5 things employees enjoyed most about their jobs in 2014 as reported in our surveys.  We thought you would also enjoy learning about the top 5 things over 3000 employees liked least about their jobs in 2014.  Drum roll please...


5) Equipment - Having updated and pristine equipment is vital to any employee, and more specifically, an employee's productivity. Many employees mentioned that the equipment at their current employer was either not up to date, or just simply ineffective. Employees complained about many types of equipment ranging anywhere from an outdated computer system, to tools in the workshop that were old and rusted. As time changes, and technology advances, updated equipment can be a very important vehicle to retain employees.


4) Lack of Communication - A very important key to success for any business is how well employees and management communicate. In the past year many employees stated that there was a serious lack of communication in the workplace, and those that did communicate did so in an ineffective manner.


3) Schedule / Hours - This is one of two topics that shows up on both the 'most liked' and 'least liked' lists for 2014. In the most liked list 'Schedule / Hours' also debuted in the 3rd spot making it a topic that employees either really enjoy, or just absolutely despise. Responses in this category ranged from the time employees start work in the morning, to the time employees get off of work, working an undesirable shift, or having to be on-call.


2) Management - The other topic to land itself on both the 'most liked' and 'least liked' lists for 2014 was Management. Just like the 'Schedule / Hours' topic, we really saw both sides of the spectrum here in that many people enjoyed their managers and management team, while others weren't too fond of them. Whether employees felt like they were being treated unfairly or didn't believe in the efforts put forth by management, this category earned enough responses to safely place second on the 'least liked' list.


1) Pay / Wages - Well, you could have guessed it, and it comes to no surprise that Pay / Wages was the least liked category in 2014. There will always be employees in every organization that feel like they are not being compensated for what they are providing to the organization. Employees also stated that the raises they receive were insufficient, and not reflective of the work they completed in the previous year.


So there you have it.  Hopefully you now have a better feel for how employees generally feel about working for their employers.  More importantly, do you know how YOUR employees REALLY feel about working at YOUR Company? Many employers and HR professionals assume they know what is going amiss and they work tirelessly to implement new tactics to rectify it.


But what if these efforts are all for naught?


What if the areas being addressed aren't even the real issues for employees?  How can you really know?  Enter -- Employee Opinion Surveys (EOS).


EOS's are invaluable tools that not only allow employees to air their grievances in a confidential and guilt-free way, but they also eliminate office politics and provide employers with a direct line to their employees. Once answers are tallied and the results are in, employers can actively seek resolutions to ease their employees concerns. And let's not forget, EOS's aren't just a measure of all things bad, they're also an opportunity to see what employees enjoy most about their jobs, what procedures are working/not working, physical working conditions, or even overall employee morale.


No matter how amazing your company is, there's always room for improvement. After all, there's a reason 96% of fortune 500 companies perform an EOS on a regular basis and 76% administer them at least once a year, if not more.


For more information about administering Employee Opinion Surveys, please visit our website or feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have at (919) 713-5250 or