CAI Launching Learn & GO Platform In July

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CAI Launching Learn & GO Platform In July


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rick washburn.jpgAt CAI, we take our commitment to your professional development seriously.  We recognize and understand the unique challenges facing organizations and their HR leaders that often get in the way of developing and implementing more strategic-level initiatives. As such, we are very pleased to announce a new member-only offering called Learn & GO.  


As the name implies, the Learn & GO platform provides today’s HR professional with practical ‘hands-on’ lessons and turn-key tools that can be used every day.  IE, learn it and then go do it!  Our aim with Learn & GO is to further develop HR staff into true business partners, enabling them to take action and deliver increased value to their organization.

The Learn & GO platform, developed by CAI staffers, incorporates actionable, ‘bite-sized’ learning modules focused directly on talent and organizational needs and includes:


  • Two new learning paths: Engaging Talent and Enabling the Organization.   Other paths will follow in 2016.
  • Do-it-yourself courses, video vignettes and webinars.  HR certification credits will be available.
  • Actionable tools, processes and forms you can use today.
  • Individual and organizational assessments plus a 1:1 review session with our staff.
  • 1:1 coaching and support from our Advice & Resolution team’s Operational & Strategic HR Advisors.


Our first series, called Engaging Talent is geared around strengthening your talent base, developing potential, and maximizing the performance of your workforce.  Later this year we will kick-off a second segment called Enabling the Organization, which focuses more on ‘organizational’ themes that empower and support a business’s capabilities and culture. 


Learn & GO Learning Paths

Learn and Go phases.jpg


Everything in Learn & GO is free to member organizations.  Tom Sheehan from CAI’s Advice & Resolution team leads the Learn & GO platform.  Keep an eye out for detailed information from Tom about the Learn & GO platform.