Employee Recognition: The Simple Things Mean The Most

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renee for news.jpgAt a time where organizations are fiercely competing for top talent, your own top talent is never safe from being poached by another firm.  Often, when highly sought-after professionals are deciding to stay or to leave, the little things that set your company apart from others can make all the difference in the world. 


Organizations should never lose sight of the simple things that may mean very little to the bottom line, but can demonstrate to a valued employee just how much they mean to your company.   Here are a few opportunities to demonstrate your appreciation of your current top talent:


  1. Write a handwritten “thank you” note for a job well done.
  2. Treat an employee to lunch.
  3. Reserve a special parking spot for the employee for a month.
  4. Provide an extra “day off” coupon to be used whenever they want to.
  5. Purchase a new desk or desk chair for the employee.
  6. Buy an employee and their family tickets to a show or concert.
  7. Schedule a mobile car wash to come out and detail their car while they are at work.
  8. Have the management team serve breakfast to a team in recognition of their efforts.
  9. Arrange for one-on-one mentoring of an employee by a member of the executive team.
  10. Invite a massage therapist to come and give an afternoon massage to team members.
  11. Designate an “innovation day” where an employee can dedicate time to new ideas.
  12. Ask upper management to attend a meeting where you recognize an employee.
  13. Create a “Wall of Fame” with photos of outstanding employees.
  14. Call an employee to your office simply to “thank” them, and nothing more.
  15. Give an employee a “Stress Kit” with aspirin, a comedy CD, fun toy and stress ball.


People like being appreciated. Simple things, particularly when made public to their co-workers, foster a supportive and productive workplace by openly recognizing employees. Most employees who begin to feel unappreciated in their jobs are not looking for grand and glorious recognition.


You no doubt thought of at least one employee as you read this article. I encourage you to take action right now before you do anything else to reach out to that employee with one of the above opportunities.  It will speak volumes to an employee and will go a long way in keeping them happy and satisfied in their jobs.  Pass this article around to your management team.  As always call me or anyone else on the Advice and Resolution Team if you need help thinking through this issue.