4 Strategies to Attract Top Performers and Keep Them Loyal

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persis.jpgThere are many factors that attract top talent to companies.  Some candidates will only work for organizations that guarantee great benefits and competitive pay.  Other job seekers want to know if there are opportunities for individual and career growth. There also are workers who think a strong and positive company culture is imperative to their workplace success.


Knowing what job seekers are looking for in their future employers is the first step in securing high-performing workers. Once you understand what drives them to perform their best, you can tailor your recruiting methods and company benefits and perks to attract them. Once you attract them and they prove to be integral team members, you’ll still have to put forth a good effort to retain them.


Use the four factors below to keep your future and current employees productive, happy and loyal:


Your Culture

The environment your company exudes is usually a determining factor in whether an employee will stay. Not every worker will appreciate, dislike or desire the same workplace qualities so it’s important to make sure you’re hiring employees that are interested in your unique offerings. Create a culture that allows several types of people and personalities to grow and enjoy success.


Your Leaders

Who’s leading the company is a major reason why employees decide to stay with an organization long term. Many employee opinion surveys reveal that employees leave or are likely to leave because of the actions of their managers, supervisors or senior leaders. No one enjoys a micromanager or a leader who never checks in. Treat your employees with respect–be considerate and communicate openly.


Your Communication

As an employer, you’re responsible for communicating to your staff the rewards that your company provides. If your employees receive higher than average salaries or your wellness program saves staffers money, make sure they are aware. Frequently remind employees of the benefits that you offer so they’ll have reasons to stay loyal and perform better.


Your Feedback

Employees are more likely to stay with organizations that show them that their time and effort have not gone unnoticed. Receiving positive and constructive feedback consistently is critical for their success, so let them know how they’re doing regularly and show them that you appreciate their efforts.


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