Top Ten List: What You're Missing on myCAI

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Jamie_Roberts-1.jpgThe Late Show changed hands in the last year. While I do enjoy the intelligent humor and whit of Stephen Colbert, I must say that Late Night TV is not quite the same without David Letterman and his classic "Top Ten Lists."  We started myCAI ten months ago, so it seems fitting to discuss 10 ways you can find value in this member community.


So without further ado, the category tonight from the home office in Raleigh, North Carolina, "The Top 10 Things You're Missing on myCAI."  drum roll please...




Number 10. Virtual Peer to Peer Networking

  • Search the member directory to find and connect with other CAI members.  A great way to learn about HR practices at other companies.


Number 9. Job Board

  • The opportunity to post job openings and resumes for over 2,600 HR professionals to see.


Number 8. Vendor Listing

  • A place to rate and post information on HR related vendors. CAI invites you review the vendors you use so that others may gain from your professional experience. If you do not see a particular vendor listed, you may create a new one by creating a new document.


Number 7.  Small Virtual Peer Groups

  • myCAI offers a variety of small groups to HR professionals based on personal and professional interests, field of specialty, industry and more.  You can also create your own group to share content, discussions, and the like.


Number 6. Training Toolkit

  • This toolkit contains step-by-step process and tools, samples and templates to assist CAI members in creating a successful training initiative.


Number 5. myCAI Content Resources

  • In addition to the resources mentioned above, CAI Resources offers the HR Toolbox, Legal Toolbox, Webinars, the Desk Manual, and more. All CAI Resources are written by CAI staff to address needs of HR Professionals.


Number 4. CAI News

  • At CAI it is our mission to keep members up to date on the latest HR and compliance news, information and updates. Our newsletter is written by CAI staff and published weekly for CAI members.


Number 3.  Learn & GO

  • Learn & GO is CAI's newest platform that provides CAI members with actionable, bite-sized learning modules focused on talent, organizational needs and HR needs.


Number 2. Robust Search

  • myCAI is full of a large variety of content and resources to help members be successful in their work. If you have a question or are in need of a fast answer or good resource, use our search.

perf mgmt search pic.JPG


And the Number 1 Thing Your Missing on myCAI:


myCAI Forum

  • When workplace challenges and questions enter your workday, make sure to visit the myCAI Forum. Here you will receive answers in real time from peers who share similar interests, goals,or experiences. Can you think of a better resource than 2,600 experienced HR Professionals?


If you have questions about myCAI or wish to schedule a more in-depth look at myCAI, please contact Jamie Roberts.

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