Does Your Business Appreciate Your Employees?

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Rick_Washburn-6.jpgAt last week’s annual CAI Compensation & Benefits conference Dr. Paul White, keynote speaker, led a presentation titled “Creating a Positive Work Environment through Authentic Appreciation.”  In his presentation Dr. White made the business case that today’s businesses can be empowered and enriched by the simple act of appreciating and encouraging employees - if done with authenticity.


Authentic appreciation also drives employee engagement.  The single highest driver of engagement, according to a global study conducted by Towers Watson, is whether or not employees feel their managers are genuinely interested in their well being. We all recognize the staggering statistics around employee engagement (33% engaged, 50% not engaged, and 17% actively disengaged).


Imagine an environment where the majority, not the minority of your employees want to come to work at your place of business because they feel valued and authentically appreciated. Think about the positive impact that this would have on your employees (productivity, morale, etc.) and the customers that your employees engage with (both external and internal).


Does your business genuinely appreciate your employees?  Here are several key questions to ask yourself, your leaders, and your employees.  The responses will help guide you going forward.


  • Does your CEO and other business leaders “walk the talk” with regard to your organization’s stated values?
  • Are your organizations’ values well publicized?
  • Are trust and integrity valued behaviors in your organization?
  • Are your leaders trained in the skills of having crucial conversations and in active listening?
  • Do your employees feel empowered to make decisions within reason and within the scope of their position?
  • Is micromanagement overused in your business?
  • Are sarcasm and intimidation acceptable behaviors within your organization or are they frowned upon?
  • Is offensive language and behavior tolerated in your business or is it viewed as unacceptable?


Remember that employees want to be valued for who they are, not for just what they produce or support at work.  When speaking with employees do so in the language that they understand and with actions that they value.  For example a 3rd shift employee may value a senior manager coming in early to directly discuss an important issue with him/her as opposed to doing it through a supervisor or email.  Know what your employees value and approach them accordingly and with authenticity.


Call our Advice & Resolution team to discuss ways to increase authentic appreciation at your workplace. 

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