Is Busy Your New Fine?

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doug for news.jpgWhenever you see someone in almost any setting, one of the first things you're apt to ask them is how they are doing.  Five years ago you normally heard busy.jpg"I'm fine" or "It's all good."  At some point since the economic downturn in 2008, "fine" transitioned to "busy."  This is especially true in the HR industry where many HR jobs that were cut have been slow to come back, resulting in many of us "doing more with less."


If this scenario sounds familiar, I have good news.  I can help you get time back in your day immediately.  And I'm not going to tell you to "put first things first" or "take back your day" or "learn to say no."  I'm also not asking for money for a 7 step program. 


I want to re-introduce you to a tool CAI provides that can help you do more with less...right now!  A tool that can immediately expand your HR department to 2,600 professionals from all skill levels and industries.  That tool I'm talking about is myCAI, your online community for CAI MEMBERS ONLY.


Don't stop reading yet, I guarantee results!  Take a look below at some common scenarios I bet you regularly find yourself in and learn how myCAI can help you RIGHT NOW! 


SituationmyCAI To The Rescue

You need to create or revise a policy.


Yes but I need a policy specific to my industry.

Ask them how?

  • There are hundreds of sample policies on myCAI to download.
  • You can just ask people from your industry for samples.
  • You can go to one of our industry groups and just start a discussion.  Or you can find a few members you care about and just message them directly.  You can also search by industry in the directory and ask them.

You've been asked by the Senior Leadership Team to totally revamp your unpopular and ineffective performance management process.

You need to provide annual harassment training to all of your managers and employees.  You have no time to put it together and no budget.
  • We have around 20 turnkey presentations on myCAI including harassment for employees and managers.  The kit includes the PowerPoint slides, presenters notes, sign-in sheet, certificate of completion and certificate.  You can download them all and customize as necessary.
You need to change payroll (or other HR) vendors, you don't know where to start, and you're tired of talking to sales people.
  • You can visit myCAI's The specified item was not found. to read about local payroll vendors.
  • You can search through prior member discussions on payroll.
  • You can start your own discussion to ask for quick advice.
You're struggling with an employee relations situation you've not confronted before.
You would like to find a trusted group of HR advisers that you can call on to deal with confidential issues and to help you develop.


I could go on and on.  I bet you have at least one of the scenarios on your plate right now.  Visit the recommended areas and save yourself some time and get to a better solution.  And of course you can always call one of our five full-time HR advisers if you prefer talking to someone live.  That team is also available 24/7.


So if you're struggling to get it all done, let myCAI be your secret weapon.  You'll be happier, more productive, and it will help you be a better HR Leader.  If you have any questions about using myCAI, see the Support page or call or message Jamie Roberts, myCAI's Community Manager.   I'll also be reviewing myCAI in my next Maximize Your Membership Webinar on October 27th.  Or you could view a previous recording here.

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