myCAI Turns One Year Old

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Jamie_Roberts-1.jpgLast November CAI officially launched myCAI, our members-only destination for solving workplace challenges. At CAI, we understand that our members are working fast paced jobs in a technology centered world. CAI wanted to give our members convenient, online access to the tools and resources needed to succeed in their workplace. myCAI connects thousands of HR Professionals across North Carolina and enables our users to make connections and work together to solve issues and share ideas.


Added Value to our Members


In the last year, CAI staff and members have created over 2,200 pieces of content! This includes newsletter articles, templates, policy samples, webinars, over 650 member discussions, and more. All of these resources and informative discussions are available to members 24/7. With so many great resources available at your fingertips through myCAI, there is a good chance your issue or question can be solved or answered through reading past discussions and content.


myCAI currently has 2,800 users.  That is 2,800 HR and other business professionals right here in North Carolina who are ready and willing to help their peers.  If your question hasn't already been asked, simply start a new discussion question.  Think your questions would be best suited for a smaller group of people? Check out one of our smaller virtual peer groups. With groups on topics that range from Health and Wellness to industries like Manufacturing, there is a good chance a group is waiting that will be a perfect fit for you.  And if not, you can start your own private group.


We've been asked quite a bit as to the best way to find the information you need on myCAI.  The answer is quite simply one word:  Search.  myCAI has a powerful search feature that will get you quickly to what you need.  From any page in myCAI, you'll notice a little magnifying glass in the upper corner of the screen (see below).  That little magnifying glass serves two powerful purposes.  If you just click the magnifying glass it will show you suggested articles, your recent places and people, as well as your history and bookmarks (see below).


If you type a search phrase in, you'll notice that the search window automatically returns articles, tools, spaces, groups and people related to your search term.  You can then press enter if you want to further filter the results.



myCAI has come a long way in the past year and we cannot thank our members enough for your support. Thank you for diving in and helping your peers, commenting on our resources, reading our documents, and asking questions in the forum. Over the next few months you will notice dramatic changes occurring on myCAI. We are currently working on a redesign plan that will ensure easier site navigation and quicker access to the information you need.


Let us know what you think! If you have had successes or struggles on myCAI in the past year comment here and let us know. Our member survey conducted this past summer has been the force driving the improvements we will make over the next few months. We appreciated the feedback and look forward to the improved product.

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