What's One More Labor Poster?

Blog Post created by 1004648 on Aug 24, 2016

As HR people, we're keenly aware of our duty to inform employees of relevant federal and state laws impacting their employment, and nothing says compliance more than the labor poster. When we get the CAI Newsletter that tells us there's a change that will impact our labor posters we shift into high gear, anxiously waiting for the new posters to come out. They arrive, we cut out sections that don't apply to us, and tack up the random state regulations that don't fit (not mentioning any names....California). We know the drill - labor posters go up in a visible, accessible place for all to see, even though no one reads them other than the HR intern tasked with hanging them. (No one said HR was glamorous work, right?)


I was intrigued by this poster I came across and thought, "what's one more poster if it's something we can all get behind?" 

(click the poster for a cleaner view)


Of course it needs a Call to Action with it. Please comment with your ideas, all in good fun! 


"If any one of these applies to you, ____________________________."