Hi Everyone, I am the Human Resource Manager for Fuji Silysia Chemical USA, Ltd and Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd.

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I would like to know how many Japanese companies we have out there.  My manufacturing company is located in Grenville, NC; we also have a branch Sales office in Durham, NC. We have right now a total of 40 employees combined.  We manufacture micronized silica gel.  the following is our company history. I look forward in hearing from everyone.


Fuji Silysia Chemical




Development of Fuji Silysia Chemical, Ltd.


1931:     Started the manufacture and sale of sodium silicate under the company name of Takahashi Water Glass Manufacturer in Osaka.

1951:     Established Fuji Sodium Silicate Co., Ltd., started manufacturing silica gel for the first time, and started its sale on a                 national basis.  Continued the manufacture and sale of sodium silicate.

1957:     Established Kozoji Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., at the site of the present head office (Kasugai Plant).  Started the manufacture of silica gel as its main product.

1961:     Fuji Sodium Silicate Co., Ltd., Meika Industrial Co., Ltd.,

and Takahashi Water Glass Mfg. Co., Ltd., merged into a new company, Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd. Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd. Acquired Keiso Chemical Laboratory (Head Office in Nagoya).

1962: Established a plant for the manufacture of Silica Gel at Honai-cho, Nishiuwagun, Ehimeken (Present Ehime Plant)

1964:     Established a joint venture with W.R. Grace & Company, a U.S. corporation, and signed for technological assistance.  Established Yugen Kaisha Fuji as an investment company.

1965:     Separated the sodium silicate from the silica gel department at Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd. and transferred the business rights for the silicate gel to Yugen. Kaisha Fuji invested 50 percent of the capital to establish Fuji Davison Chemical Ltd.

1966:     Started the manufacture of syloid in Japan.

1973       Completed the construction of the head office building at Kozoji-cho, Kasugaishi, and Aichi-ken. Opened a sales office in Tokyo.

1978:     Opened sales offices in Hiroshima and Fukuoka

1979:     Opened sales offices in Nagoya.

1984:     Micronized Silica plant completed in Hyuga, Japan.

1986:     Completed the construction of the Technical Center. Opened a sales office in Osaka and a branch in Korea.

1989:     Expansion of Hyuga plant.

1993:     Dissolved joint venture with W.R. Grace & Co. and re-established as Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd., a wholly owned Japanese company.

1993:     U.S. Branch established in Portland, Oregon.

1994:     Technical Service established in Nakatsugawa

1998:     Registration of ISO9002 for Micronized Silica Products.

1999:     U.S. Branch moved to R.T.P. Durham in North Carolina.

1999:     Establishment of manufacturing site in Greenville, Fuji Silysia Chemical USA Ltd. North Carolina

1999:     Established Fuji Silysia Chemical S.A. in Switzerland.

2000:     Completion of manufacturing facility for micronized silica in Greenville, North Carolina

2000:     Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd. and Solvay, S.A. each invested 50 % of the capital and established "SILYSIAMONT S.p.A."

2001:     Registration of ISO9001 for Micro Spherical Silica gel Products and re-entry ISO9001 for Micronized Silica Products.

2002:     Hyuga plant obtains ISO 14001 registration.

2002:     Completed SILYSIAMONT for micronized silica.

2005:     ISO 14001 registration for H.Q. and Kasugai Plant.

2008:     Started the manufacture of   Chromatography Silica Gel in USA Plant