Pleasant Surprises

Blog Post created by 1047439 on Sep 26, 2016

As training participants enter our office, we see a variety of attitudes and demeanors displayed.  Some come into the building excited and wearing a smile, optimistic about what the day will hold for them.  Others appear less enthusiastic and sometimes even feel negative about being sent to training by their organizations.  Of course, it's a delight to greet the enthusiastic folks; but the staff at CAI goes out of its way to cater to those who come in less than thrilled.  Jacqui Wallace greets them with a genuine warm smile and Kim Tant is clearly excited to share with everyone what all we have to offer here and to truly make our guests feel comfortable.


During the first few minutes of class, some people remain stoic, unsure whether they want to stay or to run.  In the classroom, we review some quick logistics and then get people conversing with one another immediately.  We prepare people to work in pairs, trios and small groups.  An amazing transformation takes place once the ice is broken and people really begin sharing their thoughts.  Suddenly, people from very different backgrounds begin bonding and relating experiences.  And, when a friendly competition heats up between teams, people really get engaged.


What makes CAI's training experience different?  Instead of a being just a number in a huge impersonal lecture hall, our participants are treated as the professionals they are, asked for their opinion and encouraged to share their successes and failures with one another.  Participants are part of a group discussion with peers who can relate to their daily trials and provide suggestions. The interactive nature of instruction sets CAI apart from the rest, but the real difference lies in the genuine care and concern they receive from our staff.  Whether it's helping them contact Uber, finding a restaurant or providing them with the information they need to make positive changes back in the workplace, the entire CAI staff shows genuine concern and care.  We think that's the reason so many people say, "I had a great day here and can't wait to  come back again!"


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