Influencing Others Up the Ladder

Blog Post created by 1047439 on Nov 7, 2016

Frequently I hear, "How do I manage my boss?  They've sent me to training to learn to manage subordinates, but that's not my biggest problem.  Instead, I need to know more about how to deal with my boss on many fronts."


In our course Influencing without Authority, we examine a series of steps for more effectively influencing others: they involve preparation, explaining our ideas with clarity, using language that our audience can relate to, demonstrating that we've done our homework, addressing questions and objections, and asking for what it is we want.


When it comes to having influence with those that outrank us, a delicate balance between assertiveness and respect comes into play. When we stop and think what it is that makes people respect and listen to us, we think of these qualities:


  • Be a strong listener
  • Be respectful
  • Keep your word
  • Address issues directly with those concerned
  • Show optimism
  • Look for ways to be helpful

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