Best of a Bad Lot?

Blog Post created by 1047439 on Feb 17, 2017

Often, when supervisors and managers come to class, they lament the lack of performance of some of their direct reports.  In telling the story, we discover that they have never been satisfied with the employee's performance or behavior.  When questioned as to why the individual was hired in the first place, an interesting reply is common:  "They were the best candidate in the bunch!"  Most managers have made at least one hiring error during the course of their career, even when they thought the candidate was right for the job.  But, to hire someone you are not sure about because you are in a pinch is a mistake you may live with for a long time.


We have great discussions around how to determine which candidate is the best for the job during our Interviewing for Success course.  We discuss how to define success criteria (competencies) for the position before we even examine the types of questions to ask.  Then, we determine the most effective way to evaluate the candidates' responses. The hiring process takes time and effort; but choosing the right person is so critical to the organization that it is worth doing well. 


Most of the "hard" skills required for the position can be verified by testing or demonstration, but the "soft" skills of values, attitude, motivation and team orientation are more difficult to determine.  We focus on helping our managers create behaviorally-based questions that are aligned with key job competencies. A discussion on how to equitably evaluate candidates follows. Finally, we talk about the importance of not allowing ourselves to be pressured to hire quickly just to fill a vacancy. When you take the time to make the right choice, all stakeholders will benefit. Management, customers and colleagues will thank you. 


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