A Balanced Feedback Diet?

Blog Post created by 1047439 on Aug 18, 2017

During a discussion about providing feedback to people, participants in our Becoming the Totally Responsible Person course began sharing how they were taught to use the sandwich method.  That, of course, means "sandwiching" someone's need for improvement between two compliments.  While many people agreed that they had also been encouraged to use this method, several others took issue with it. As the conversation unfolded, we discussed how "sandwiching" can send a mixed message to an employee or colleague.  The conversation then moved to the fact that as responsible people, we need to have the courage to deliver what might be considered bad news to those we care about.  We can still be sensitive, timely, specific and selective in our delivery of the message.  One consideration to keep in mind is that when sincere and genuine feedback about good work is given with regularity, the recipient has a much easier time accepting corrective, or the "need for improvement" variety.  As people developers, we need to take every opportunity to share feedback (of all kinds) with others.  Just the meat, please.


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